Making communications work for you


A large part of the process Rycom employs to understand your businesses needs and deliver the correct solution is consultative.  In fact, the consultative or questions and answer approach, informs all that we do for our clients.

So it seems very natural to offer the service of Consultancy to all our clients.  Each requirement is costed on a individual basis, so there is no one price fits all.

At the end of the exhaustive review, you will know exactly where your business telecommunications, IT and energy supply, currently stands.  In addition we will spell out the options for the future on each area.  This can be delivered as a fully costed report, allowing you to understand where you can achieve the best value for your efforts and so tailor the delivery  depending on budget or business circumstances.

Rycom can be there to manage the entire process of delivery, configuration and commissioning. 

If your requirements is to understand your current communications and utilities installation, and recommendations to suit your businesses' future plans Rycom can provide a full report at very competitive pricing.

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