Making communications work for you

Telephone Systems

These days it is taken for granted that a desk will have a handset on it as part of the furniture.  However, as technology has changed, this is not necessarily 

the case any more: you may use a computer with an application, your 

mobile may act as 'one number, or you may have more than one extension 

'twinned' to your extension, as you are on the move a lot around a warehouse or business campus.

Hosted Telephone Services

Rycom is able to advise on existing installations or provide Hosted or VoIP telephone services from 1 person or larger organisations.  

Installations vary from virtual systems with no hardware, to Home and Remote workers, to office and multi site situations.

Hosted or VoIP can easily be added seamlessly to many existing Company systems, so there is no need to go 'all-in' from day one.

It is also an ideal solution for instant or 'pop up' communication requirements.

Installed Telephone Systems

There is still a place for installed Telephone Systems.   

You may have a major investment in equipment and training that you do not want to 'throw away'.

Poor broadband is still a fact in many areas and it makes sense to keep the installed systems in these areas.

There may be features that you have found to be essential in your business and are not available via other services.

Rycom will understand your requirements and budget, and then find a solution to fit your businesses needs or Make the communications work for your business.

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